Seriously, the last time these two were at the same event, the Peldons were still a thing and “Lohan” wasn’t yet a negative part of speech.

This entire outfit feels like a throwback to back when Ashlee was getting started, and wanted everyone to think of her as the punk-edgy alternative to her sister Jessica. I am not completely convinced she didn’t yank that dress out of an old box labeled “PIECES OF ME” that she’d shoved under a bed in her third guest room, next to a bin of DVDs of The Ashlee Simpson Show.

Hilary Duff at least feels a bit like she tried to update herself:

I mean, her hair extensions are way better, and she’s only wearing ONE necklace, instead of ten. But there’s a reason my Hilary Duff Halloween costume back in 2004 involved formal shorts. She doesn’t look egregious here, but man, between the two of them, for a second I was convinced we’d zapped back to GFY’s actual natal day and became afraid that Paris Hilton was around the corner.

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