Not everyone has to be good at everything. It’s okay if Russell Crowe sings like a man who’s just shown up at his own funeral out of breath, after a long and arduous journey. It’s fine Laura Prepon didn’t pan out as a soup peddler, or if Tyra Banks is an alarming author. All of these people have other talents and marketable skills! They’re going to be fine! So, please, Coach, stop trying to design clothes. You are godawful at it. You are the Russell Crowe in Les Mis of designers: wandering around in a fog, totally miscast. You have so many other gifts, Coach. Please don’t keep inflicting this dream on people. In the words of another coach: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t design your way out of a handbag but HOT DAMN what a good handbag it will be. P.S. If you agree, Coach, let’s work on Tyra next. Her Modelland attraction sounds like it’s going to be the This Outfit of live experiences. Having said that, please everyone read that book so we can talk about it, because THERE IS SO MUCH. Both to talk about, and OF IT. Thank you.

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