Fug Madness has a reverse curse — a blessing, I guess. Namely, several of our winners or runners-up either turn themselves around post-championship, or totally disappear for awhile (sometimes merely because they’re doing something personally diverting but possibly gross that the public is unaware of, like Aubrey O’Day deciding to romance Donald Trump Jr). ┬áVanessa Hudgens is the most obvious example of a winner who pulled herself together to later emerge considerably more fantastic than once she was, but I would argue that the same thing happened to Miley; likewise, I feel like ’17 champ Keke Palmer has been curiously absent of late and I hope she’s off writing a great novel or something. But until we find out, please enjoy current champ Bella Thorne (it was a long and hideous road, but she persevered to beat Halsey) looking basically totally reasonable — thigh-high boots and all. Long may she reign!

[Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]