He’s obviously SO handsome, but also the styling of this cover is very clever: This jacket, though obviously modern, has a real regency vibe. You can imagine the breeches just out of frame. It’s very smartly done.

The profile is also excellent, actually. (And the editorial shoot is very cool; there is at least one pair of great shoes you’ll want to see.) He also very clearly understands the assignment when it comes to serial romances:

“Simon was this bomb of a one-season antagonist, to be reformed and to find his true self through Daphne,” he explains. “I think one of the bravest things about the romance genre is allowing people a happy ending.”

That is the perfect response to people’s reactions to his leaving Bridgerton; this is how those books are designed, and his character’s journey has been completed. But the interview goes deeper than this, and it’s so thoughtful:

[…] a story appearing in The Hollywood Reporter (Variety’s sister publication) alleged that Page had been passed over for the role of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El on Syfy’s DC superhero series “Krypton” because he is Black. The story claimed that then-DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns passed on the actor for the lead role over concerns that fans would expect the character to look more like Henry Cavill (the white actor who plays Superman in DC’s film franchise).

Later that day, Page tweeted, “Hearing about these conversations hurts no less now than it did back then. The clarifications almost hurt more tbh. Still just doing my thing. Still we do the work. We still fly.”

Page won’t specify whether the post was in response to the report, saying, “I think I said what I had to say within the tweet.”

He takes a long pause before continuing: “I decided a very long time ago that I would refuse to be defined by trauma and would only be defined by success, when and where it comes. And I will not waste what breath I have on feeding things that are not worth it. So I choose my words carefully. I spend my energy carefully, and I’ll continue to do that where it is necessary and welcomed.”

Pop over there and read the whole thing. It’s well-worth your time.

[Photo credit: Matthew Brookes for Variety]
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