The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer. One of these outfits is definitely not fab. I don’t hate this first one as much as I ought to, BUT: I am very worried about the amount of Dior Kiernan has worn lately, after what they’ve done to Jennifer Lawrence (though I must give them credit for having excellent taste in actresses). Get your damn hands off her, Dior!

Dior #1:

Ugh. I might be taking back what I said about not hating it. Obviously, the skirt is unobjectionable, but the top is a sports bra married to the gold glitter case on my iPhone.  It’s like someone over at Dior was like, “you know what’s boring? TOPS. Let’s reinvent….tops.” And somethings — the wheel, the grilled cheese, tops — DO NOT NEED REINVENTION AS A FORMAT.

But this one is, I think, worse:

UGH. SO MUSTY. (Her face looks gorgeous, of course, and as ever.)  At least the first look is youthful; this, to me, feels like Betty Draper Gets Depressed And Goes To a Real Boring Fundraiser Where She Wanders Around Smoking and Looking Glum.  In fairness, I would watch that episode of Mad Men.

[Photos: Getty]