I guess she really is back! We saw Biel out on the town with Timberlake last week, and then she made it to two events over the weekend. I admit, I kind of forgot how extremely good-looking she is, facially speaking. She’s like….did you ever read that article about how facial symmetry makes our brains believe other people are attractive? (The example of a facially symmetric hot person was Halle Berry, which is highly accurate.) Every time I look at Biel, I think something along the lines of, “She is really good-looking. Her face is so EVEN.”

That said, this outfit is moderately cray:

That is A LOT of ruffles. Ruffled sleeves, ruffled shoulders, a ruffled skirt. Honey, you should have just brought a bag of Ruffles and made a night of it.

Her look the next evening was, I think — FEEL FREE TO DISAGREE — more successful, although it’s also quite ruffly:

There is something about this that feels a little Widowed Young Heiress, Circa 1918, and that appeals to me. She just needs a headpiece and snarky footman, and we’ll really be in business.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]