The party for this was massive and star-studded and the entire affair looked beautiful on Instagram.  Ralph Lauren ALWAYS does it up, and this is the brand’s 50th anniversary, so I would have expected no less, but still. They took over part of Central Park, for pete’s sake. I don’t generally get Fashion Week FOMO — and, let’s be honest, I never would have been invited to cover this anyway — but the setting for this one was stunning and the whole thing looks like it was a pretty breathtaking experience. Back when we covered Fashion Week, there would often be moments where I would think, “I am SO LUCKY to get to experience this,” and this had to have been one of those nights for the people who got to go. In addition to the major A-listers, and the great setting, the show itself had hot male models carrying cute babies, and fantastic tweeds. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, PEOPLE?

Also:  In case you’re wondering why this collection is Fall/Winter 2018 and almost everyone else is showing Spring/Summer 2019, it’s because the fashion calendar is a hot mess and everyone is just doing whatever they want now, but Ralph Lauren is also smart enough to realize that people want to BUY THINGS as soon as they see them, and ergo all this stuff is on sale now. I know there are a lot of reasons that designers (and buyers) don’t want to or can’t do that — but seeing clothes on the runway that us normal folks won’t be able to buy for a year is starting to feel more and more antiquated.