Do you think Anna Kendrick is texting her friends and being like, “am I supposed to be changing more often?” And they’re like, “dude, no.” And then she’s all, “are you sure?” And they’re like, “I don’t know, I’m a veterinarian!” So then she texts Kristen Stewart to ask her, and K. Stew’s response is just “lol.” Next she texts George Clooney to ask him and his response is, “men don’t have to worry about this.” And finally she breaks down and just texts Blake to ask her, and Blake’s response is a cut-and-pasted recipe for cake pops. So let me be the person to tell you Anna: The bloggers of the world are cool with it if you want to wear forty-five different looks in any 24-hour period. But don’t feel obligated.

[Photos: ROGER WONG/,]