Yes, this is a photo I took of my TV. JUST LIKE OLD TIMES! We are lo-fi as hell up in here. But this was my best option for bringing you the sparkly beige culottes of Rachel Brosnahan; I had seen a still promoting the show, so I DVR’d it, and here we are. The color in this came out funky; the top is more gold than the chartreuse-tinged hue it appears to be here, just FYI. Between that and the shoes and her re-embrace of her natal hair color, she seems very washed-out and monochrome. I might have liked to see sparkly culottes styled with better pieces around them, or in black, or… but the fact remains that sparkly culottes have happened. They seem like something out of a jazzy song-and-dance revue about Amelia Earhart. Get ready for dazzling hits like an ode to her plane, “Old Bessie, The Fire Horse,” the love song “Circumnavigate My Heart,” and of course, an insane interpretive dance crash sequence that reinterprets “Flash” by Queen. It’ll be huge.