Informative Caption has distressed me, good friends! It read, “Jennifer Coolidge, American actress, who played Stifler’s mum in 1999 comedy American Pie, serves up apple pies at pop-up pie shop as Now TV celebrates the 20th anniversary of the comedy.” First! I hope J. Cool got LOADS OF CASH for this gig, because American Pie — while very funny at the time, not a film that has aged well AT ALL — is not the apex of her career and, also, her character was not at all implicated in any kind of pie-romance, that I recall!  Second: Good for her for taking money to hand people pie in London, if she wanted to do it! Third: Now TV are the same folks who brought London this giant reclining statue of Jeff Goldblum last summer, and I need an answer as to why we did not get a giant statue of Jennifer Coolidge sprawled alongside Tower Bridge, as truly I believe that would have brought solace to a country where much is currently uncertain. FINALLY: She looks great here, and I hope she is about to get cast in a spin-off of Schitt’s Creek, where she and Moira Rose — estranged college roommates — take a well-dressed road trip to attend the wedding of their third roommate (Jada Pinkett Smith) across the country. Shenanigans ensue! In other words: Jada has to come bail them out of jail, and escort them back the rest of the way.  It’s going to be HILARIOUS.

[Photo: Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock]