While it is true that I am always pleased to stumble upon Rachel Bilson, her bra here is a less welcome sight. I wish this had slightly less pizza in it. But somehow the summer vibe is still intact – not to be confused with a Summer vibe, as in Roberts, although there’s always going to be a bit of that too — and seeing this just makes me wish I took more care with getting dressed even when I don’t have anywhere to be. I see this and think, “Would it really be SO HARD? Do I have to be SO married to jeans?”

Rachel Bilson promotes her role on CMT's 'Nashville' at AOL Build

I don’t even LIKE this skirt that much, and I’m not sure I understand parts of the shirt, but again this whole thing has such an easy vibe. Maybe some of it is: Both outfits feel like she probably styled them herself, and with a minimum of stress and fuss, and in this day and age of The Business of Fashion that’s super refreshing. I don’t MIND people getting styled — not at all — but when you stumble upon someone who feels like her clothes are less presented and more… personal, it’s nice.

Rachel Bilson steps out barefoot in NYC

Oh, girl. We’ve all been there.

[Photos: Backgrid]