Posh and Becks have a joint archive on this site — titled, wait for it, Posh & Becks — and so they are a couple in whose marriage I have a particular, and boring, administrative interest. Case in point: Brangelina split up, and I¬†immediately thought, “Oh, damn, I have to untwine their archives and re-tag everything with them individually.” BORING. I haven’t done it.

The same will be true here, if it ever happens. (And, also in the same way, I may never get around to it if it does.) This is apropos of nothing, other than how they don’t seem to move in many of the same circles anymore,¬†but I think it every time I tag a post that one or the other of them isn’t in. STAY ALIVE YOU TWO. For the children, etc., but also for my workload.

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