Well, she looks amazing from the neck up.

And I was about to go ALL INSANE on her from the neck down, before I thought, “self, what if this dress were originally two pieces? A skirt and a crop top? IMAGINE THE HORROR. Perhaps she just did a little limo-time surgery on it. Maybe something weird happened. Maybe that is a piece of shapewear that she sewed to each piece, frantically, at the stop light on Sunset and Doheny, using a shard of glass from a broken limo highball glass as a needle. Maybe she has a terrible lower back problem and this is actually a piece of equipment keeping her upright. Maybe, like your Todd doll in 4th grade, the elastic connecting her upper torso to her legs snapped while she was dancing and she had to be literally taped back together. YOU DON’T KNOW HER LIFE.” So carry on, Carla. I am sure there is a reasonable explanation.