This was taken at an event called Open Hearts Brunch, at which Jane Seymour here I believe raises money for a variety of organizations while also helpfully reminding people about her jewelry line (I mean, no shade there; who better to promote your thing than YOU, am I right?). But the caption of this photo does not explain why Jane was snuggling up with a giant puppet of… someone… and nor does the brief video on her Instagram help me out, because it’s mostly people in the background chortling as she pretends to attempt ventriloquism. But… what if it’s not a pretense? What if Jane Seymour has decided to add puppet trickery to her resume, and she’s using Open Hearts to get us all to unlock ours to her new passion? Listen, I am not a fan of puppets. Unless they are Muppets. But for Dr. Quinn, Stage Magic Woman, I might make an exception. A brief, uncomfortable, but largely supportive exception.

[Photo: Shutterstock]