Sure, I feel like Monique Lhuillier spent a LOT of time thinking about Giambattista Valli when she designed this number — I actually think Monique Lhuillier is a designer who creates many very pretty dresses that are obviously inspired by pretty dresses that other people have already made, but don’t tell anyone that — but that doesn’t mean that Pink doesn’t look charming in it. She recently wore a very foofy dress at the Country Music Awards, too, so it seems she’s going through a Poufy Period. And I don’t know why I’m so surprised that she’s having a super girly phase — after all, she did name herself Pink.

We also need to chat about how otherworldly she is. Observe her performing on the side of a very very large downtown L.A. hotel:

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This was breathtaking and hypnotic, and my palms were sweaty the entire time I watched. What if one of those rooms was yours, and you just got to see Pink spinning around out there and kicking the glass occasionally? Did the AMAs just buy out an entire block of rooms so that we couldn’t see looky-loos pressed against the glass, or people having sex on the windowsill with the lights on for maximum visibility? You can see SOME rooms are differently lit here, so maybe not, or maybe that was part of the scheme. But it seems astonishing that we didn’t get Some Imbecile holding up a stupid sign or otherwise trying to ruin this, so I wonder if the hotel intervened. Although when Pink was letting herself down, she did pass by — near the bottom — a room of people that waved really excitedly and she waved back. That was cute.

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The core strength ALONE that she needs to be able to push off and hold her body in those positions, and look like she’s cavorting with ease across the surface, is astonishing. This is pure control and ability and badassitude. I read that she was nervous during rehearsals, and… I mean, no kidding. You can’t spell “superhuman” without “human,” after all. But this was an athletic feat worth waiting to see, and I nominate her for People’s Most Beautiful issue’s cover. Which is forever away, but hey, Pink is eternal.

[Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/]