Because of Pink’s tomboy edge, it’d be easy to pigeonhole her into slouchy menswear — which she wears very well, and I don’t mind at all when she does it. But it’s also fun when she pushes in completely the other direction and embraces the froof. The two extremes average out in a spirited way, and frankly, I like that Pink refuses to be just one thing, ever. And in light of the speech she gave at the VMAs about her daughter struggling with taunts about her looks, it’s cool that they took to the carpet together as if to show her and everyone else that strong women can be princesses and princesses can be strong women; the two are not and never have been mutually exclusive. In fact, it invalidated my original stab at a headline, because I wrote “plays against type” and she’s basically trying to prove there is no type. Which I love.

In conclusion, it turns out I am REALLY into the person Pink has become. Drinks With Broads, anyone?

[Photo: Andrew H. Walker/REX/Shutterstock]
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