I really love Pink. I loved her speech, I loved her performance (remember when Britney’s medley was lackluster and at least partially lip-synched? Pink put to shame any theories that it’s too hard to learn a new medley and choreography AND perform it all live — and she also rode a freaking lawn mower or whatever), I love that she wore a ’90s wide-legged suit in a way that makes it look like the most natural impulse in the world, and I LOVE that her family showed up in coordinated outfits and yet Pink still shone like the star. She comes across like the kind of no-bullshit friend who will take you by the shoulders, give you a VERY frank warts-and-all assessment of whatever nonsense you are tolerating in your life that you should not, and yet still manage to release you back into the world believing that you are eight feet tall and bulletproof and damn hot to boot. Would that we ALL had one of those in our lives.

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