That top cover is the subscribers’ cover and I have notes. My primary note is that it is PERFECT and should have been the one and only cover. So smirky! The black tee! The placement of the headline! They nailed it!

The newsstand cover is fine:


But not as good, right? Why even bother? Give everyone the one you absolutely nailed! People are gonna buy that one too! I say this as a person who knows absolutely nothing about the sales data behind this sort of thing or any of the myriad considerations that go into these choices! But still! Surely I am correct!

Anyway. The profile waxes extremely poetic about Paul Rudd. I, too, love Paul Rudd — and I enjoyed reading about how his grandfather was a British Strong Man (!) and I actually did learn some stuff about him from this piece, but Paul Rudd is also….just a dude, guys! He’s just a dude. A dude I once saw walking in New York and was thrilled to spot, yes, but just a dude. A fairly ageless dude.

[Photos: Carter Smith for Men’s Health]