So, when I think Men’s Health cover stars, I think of like Michael B. Jordan or Simu Liu — wholesome and fit with dimples — so it’s sort of interesting to see them branching out to Jared Leto. And when I think of Jared Leto, I don’t really think of him doing Men’s Health. While I actually like this cover a lot — it has a classic Details vibe that is unexpected and cool — the profile makes me feel like Jared Leto also resents whoever made him do Men’s Health.  He gives bad health advice, he waxes poetic about ulcers, he talks a lot about His Craft (which is fine but that’s not this publication), and he really does not ever go into the Men’s Health lane, which is generally like how much fitness has helped XYZ to achieve their goals. Which is fine! That is that magazine’s raison d’etre! You don’t go into an interview with Car and Driver and talk about your vegan lifestyle or to Food & Wine to talk about your Ferrari. He comes across persnickety and difficult and I suspect he was both those things:

Later I ask him whether he regrets any roles he’s taken on, and he launches another nuclear defense: the ephemerality of this life. “No. Come on,” he says. “I’m gonna be dead soon. Who gives a flying fuck?”

His disregard for certain pressures of life and career—and, by extension, my questions about them—is a little bit intoxicating. For a few days after we speak, I feel better able to triage the bullshit in my own life: Engaging in the conversation gave me the same sense of control and clarity, however fleeting, as reading a self-help book.

It’s actually a really interesting profile and it’s going to get the publication some traffic, but I sincerely hope someone bought this writer a martini once she filed her piece!

[Photo: Jimmy Chin / MEN’S HEALTH]