We’re a month away from the return of Outlander, and I guess…. since Comic-Con is really more of a generalized experience lately, like Large Fandom Con, the Outlander gang showed up for a panel discussion and preview of the first episode. Concurrently, Entertainment Weekly put out three new covers, which are also featured herein.

Indeed, EW is nothing if not fiercely devoted to Outlander coverage. It’s fun to see how these look in the context of all eleven covers EW has done to date; to view, just click below on the first thumbnail or on the “11 photos” link.

That mag sure adores its “Scot” puns, as well as the word “Droughtlander,” which has appeared twice. If EW is true to form, we’ll get one more set this season to add to the array. Spoiler: The only thing they love more than the “Scot” thing is making Sam look grimy.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]