Well, we’ve often said we wish the red carpet brought more hats, but we generally meant the ones you would see at Royal Ascot or a royal wedding; real architectural lids, with danger to others at every turn. The only real danger with this full winter hat is that it’s so obscuring, James Nesbitt might have thought he was posing for a photo with any number of other people — Annette Bening, perhaps — and even then that’s not so much mortal peril as it is potentially embarrassing, like when you start talking about how great she was in The American President and how relieved you were that it wasn’t a movie about seeing dead people. It honestly feels less like a fashion statement, or even a weather necessity, than the urgent improv of a woman who tried to trim her own bangs with blunt scissors and let out such a wail that even the local dead people were all, “You know what, we’re gonna go haunt some people in Westminster Abbey instead.”

[Photo: Shutterstock]