Looking at these photos reminds me of every moment I ever spent watching¬†Project Runway All Stars, which were 100% filled with me thinking, “Alyssa Milano is so good at hosting this WHAT IS ALYSSA MILANO WEARING?!!?!” Because she WAS so good at hosting it — Alyssa Milano has been in the business since God was a child and what that career longevity has given her is the ability to present like a gd professional who is steering the ship she’s supposed to be steering at all times. It is REFRESHING. However, Alyssa Milano would also appear on camera every single week wearing something totally INSANE and made for like a seven foot tall, sixteen-year-old Norwegian supermodel and it was consistently perplexing. I personally thought maybe PR:AS judge Isaac Mizrahi was just punking her every week and dressing her in the goofiest things he could find, but these looks make me think that MAYBE SHE IS JUST GOOFY.

Debby Ryan and Alyssa Milano at Good Morning America

Good shoes, though.

[Photos: ROGER WONG/INSTARimages.com]