The recent rash of pregnant ladies in Hollywood means we’ll be getting a LOT of bumps on the red-carpet this winter/spring/summer (come on, Posh, BRING IT, WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU). And that, of course, meant it was time for a little stroll down memory lane, from Meryl in 1983 to Demi in 1991 to this from Kate Hudson:

This two-piece monstrosity, which takes the concept of belly dancing to distracting new levels, is Chanel — and that sound you just heard is Coco rolling over in her grave.

For the rest of the piece — and seriously, what Hudson wore to the Venice Film Festival in 2003 is really worth your time because OMG — click here to read it on Vulture. (Don’t worry: we give some love out too. CZJ WE LOVE YOUR OSCAR LOOK FOREVER.)