To me, this is a prettier version of what Xtina wore to the Golden Globes.

Xtina’s showed too much of the backing, which kicked it from gown to Brothel Lampshade; this one, the beading looks more elegant because you’re not being asked to focus on a lining that’s the color of support hose. So I’m firmly in Archie’s camp on this one. Although whether Xtina or Archie’s Kalinda on The Good Wife has brought me more enjoyment in life, I can’t decide. That show is fab, but the mere existence of Burlesque puts a little pep in my step. That is going to be a shitshow of delicious proportions and I cannot wait to get a chance to see it. Of the two battles, though, I’m sure Archie would rather take this one.

Whose is better?

  • Xtina's. (3%, 335 Votes)
  • Archie's. (76%, 7,563 Votes)
  • The Good Wife! (7%, 669 Votes)
  • Burlesque! (2%, 150 Votes)
  • Bend It Like Beckham! (10%, 1,013 Votes)
  • "Dirrrty!" And others! (2%, 185 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,915

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