Does anyone NOT love Kelly Kapoor, Mindy Kaling’s hilariously ridiculous and deliciously brightly garbed character on The Office? We don’t care to know if they do. And they probably don’t care to read this week’s piece for Vulture, in which we explore her sartorial history (including her awesome pop star stint as one half of Subtle Sexuality):

“In the series’ second episode, the show clearly had no idea what it had
on its hands with Kaling’s Kelly, and so put her in the world’s most
boring gray paisley, bow-necked blouse, tragically paired with a wan and
sexless bun. This is not the Kelly Kapoor we now know and love; this is
the crabby receptionist at your podiatrist’s office.”

To read more, and peruse the slideshow, please pop over to Vulture!

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