There’s so much to love about the new TV season: the awesome new shows, the terrible new shows, the awesomely terrible new shows, and, of course, the return of Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe. To celebrate the glory — and the horror, my God, the horror — of Fall TV and its accompanying costumes, we picked TV’s best and worst dressed characters for Vulture. Behold, one of the worst:

“This character on ABC Family’s surprisingly dishy gymnastics soap heads
the national team’s governing body (and now, the team itself), but does
all her heavy business, downfall-plotting, anorexia-ignoring, and
general evil-oozing from within the confines of the same tracksuit in
different colors. Indeed, for a long time we called her simply, ‘Tracksuit.'”

There’s so much more where that came from
.Please read on!