I remember when Alicia Keys was doing things like this in 2004. And then I remembered that Carrie Underwood herself has been doing it for years as well.

Apparently she is stuck in a rut the size of the Civil War battlefield on which that coat’s forefathers were last seen. I’m also hypnotized by whether those are pants and sandals, or — what I suspect is the case — gladiator-leather shin-guards pulled up over capri pants. Regardless, the way they bump right up against the top of her coat’s mouth is super unflattering, and I suspect that somebody should visit the apartment she’s built in Ruttysberg and install a few mirrors.
Although, if somebody did that, we might’ve been deprived of this marvel:

**EXCLUSIVE** Carrie Underwood rocks the Hollywood Bowl with a near two hour long sold-out concert

I hope Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie gets royalty checks, because this is the second time in a short span of days that we’ve been inspired to name-check her. But where Leona Lewis’s version was Pirateopia’s entry into Miss Universe, this one makes me think of nothing so much as an elephant with a very unpleasant cold.