Happy President’s Day, Americans! Happy Monday, everyone else! We are posting today, but at a relaxed schedule due to the holiday. We’ll be back as usual on Tuesday.

In case you missed any of the fun while we were at Fashion Week, a wrap-up:

– OUR Fashion Week wrap-up, full of fun bits and pieces and superlatives.

– The Olsen Twins looking super twinsy.

– You know who’s awesome? JOAN RIVERS.

Viola Davis = Beautiful.

– Heather finally got to confront Erika Dasher. CONFRONT I SAY. Meanwhile, I talked Housewives with Cheno.

– I almost got crushed into Nigel Barker when everyone lost their collective minds over Joe Jonas. I was TOTALLY FINE with this.

– We spotted Lil’ Kim. Was she wearing pasties? READ TO FIND OUT.

We talked to Ashley Greene; it was decided this means we hate K. Stew. Which we emphatically do not.

We chatted with Shay Mitchell. This does mean we hate K. Stew. (I’M KIDDING.)

I smelled Dita von Teese, and what does she smell like? Elnett. That felt right.

– We made all kinds of assumptions about Steven Tyler and J. Lo.



– Nina Dobrev is amazing. She’s amazing twice.

– We also saw ORPHAN. There seemed to be nothing particularly wrong with Esther.

– We are charmed by Giants’ Rames Barton, and Giants’ Victor Cruz. Charming!

– You HAVE to see Kellen Lutz’s crazy facial hair.

We are in love with Cheyenne Jackson. Love. True love.

Beverly Johnson is still so very fierce.

– Check out Gina Gershon’s cleav.

– Johnny Weir. YOU ARE DIVINE. And then you are divine again.

– We talked to Kristen Cavallari about her pregnancy. Yes. We did.

– Rose McGowan is NOT a fan of UGGs.

– And we are concerned by Jessica White’s hat.