I will note that she, of course, looks cute in this, and that’s because Rihanna has a LOT of charisma and also is very very pretty, and would look cute wearing a hat made of the paper boxes you use at the Whole Foods salad bar.

The entire look is HIGHLY COORDINATED:

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Event

In the fanfic I wrote about this outfit, Rihanna killed that snake because it was menacing her tiny helpless dog at her (fabulous) country home, and because she’s a practical¬†and glamorous woman, decided not to let it go to waste. She was going to use EVERY LAST PIECE of it, and she was going to look good doing it. Or, at the very least, like a woman that no snake should ever mess with, ever again.

[Photos: INSTARimages.com]
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