So, look at this photo. OBVIOUSLY I was going to make an ice-skating joke — something about how she’s twirling her ponytail but absently missing the days of the perfect 6.0, or wondering if it’s worth dropping a triple axel into her long program. But look. Pink sings while hanging from the ceiling wrapped in bedsheets, and it works great. Maybe Normani should take ownership of Best Vocal Performance While Actively Figure Skating. Imagine her hitting a glory note in the middle of a camel spin, or executing a flawless key change during a triple-double combo. Let’s really up the stakes here. She already has the outfit. Now she needs the blades. If Michelle Trachtenberg’s freaking character in Ice Princess can do it with little but bland devotion to physics, then I have EVERY faith that Normani will kill it.

[Photo: Shutterstock]
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