I am the only person who didn’t hate Nina Dobrev’s banged bob (it’s for a role), and I still don’t mind it. She will grow it back, but for now the difference in look is a fun change for me, even if it is a bit severe. I think looking a bit older may have been part of the idea given that she’s best known for playing a teen — although whoever first said it makes her look like Victoria Principal is completely correct as well, and I can only hope she will wake up tomorrow and find Young Bobby Ewing naked and soapy in the shower. I mean, assuming there is room in her life for a young, good-looking oil baron with a heart of gold and a raspy voice of urgency. Who ISN’T up for that?

The dress, though… I am torn. The top is a touch muddy, and the bottom, ultra-zingy — almost tactile, like it’s been overlaid with pipe cleaners. It’s striking and flattering, but I can’t makeup my mind about whether it’s too discordant. It is at least seasonally apt, as there’s a touch of Lighting My Autumn Leaf Pile On Fire to it.

One thing I love about this particular image provider we just added is: The photogs seem dedicated to close-ups of shoes. I have OFTEN seen special shoe shots, and thank God, because you need to ogle these up close:

The World Premiere of Only The Brave

They’re by Nicholas Kirkwood, and I can’t ID the style name so I don’t have a shopping link for those of you who need to spend your feelings. That might be for the best, although if it turns up in the comments or I can hunt it down, I’ll add it. Because I’m committed to your retail hunger.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]