At first I wondered if this was a wig, but per Ilaria Urbinati, it’s a proper chop — and I’m really into it. This reminds me of when Katie Holmes did the very same thing, and it felt like a revelation. The Flatliners reboot is a high-profile adult role for her (more so than the XXX movie everyone already forgot happened), and this haircut moves her further away from her Vampire Diaries¬†YA days, which is probably smart if she doesn’t want to get typecast as one of her own doppelgangers.

Let’s back out and ogle the whole ensemble:

This whole thing is an A for me until we get to the shoes. They’re not wrong, per se, but dove grey Jimmy Choos that feel like Valentino Rockstud knockoffs a) remind me that John Oliver made a delicious crack about those on Sunday’s snow, and b) are a wasted opportunity. They could’ve been bright, they could’v been multi-colored, they even could’ve had a black-and-white motif. Those, to me, belong with someone else’s dress. Maybe she picked them out before The Chop. Maybe The Chop changed everything, and her feet simply didn’t get the e-mail.

[Photo: Backgrid]