So, naturally, there are rumors that Scientology persona non grata Nicole Kidman is being kept away from longtime devotee Elisabeth Moss as much as possible. I both find that plausible, and don’t. I mean, generally, where there’s smoke there’s a LITTLE bit of fire, at least, and Nicole was sent back to sit at the SP (“suppressive person”) table when she divorced Tom Cruise. But I also think it’s possible that Scientology does not have the time to dabble in whatever is happening on the Top Of The Lake 2 press tour, because it is still a thriving business with a boatload of other members, and the fish it has to fry elsewhere are much larger. I tend to think that with all things Hollywood, pettiness wins the day eventually. So while this outfit isn’t saying much to me other than, “My fifth wedding went beautifully, thanks for asking,” maybe it’s not SUPPOSED to be talking to me. Maybe the person it’s talking to is Elisabeth Moss, and what it’s saying is, “Girl, do I LOOK suppressive? LIVE AND LET LIVE.”

[Photo: Backgrid]