Do you remember when Jane would give people make-unders? (The Pamela Anderson one was particularly memorable.) That’s low-key what this cover reminded me of — in a good way, although I’m sure Anna Wintour will send a henchman to my home to whack me over the head with a box of eyelash curlers or something now that I’ve compared her most beloved publication to Jane. We’re used to seeing Nicki in something the veers outlandish that this feels fresh  — and chic.

The profile is quite good; it is unusually long for the modern Vogue. You will likely want to click through and see Nicki’s little boy, who is extremely adorable. Vogue only allows a 100-word excerpt, which is fair, and it was hard for me to pick a pull-quote, because Nicki speaks thoughtfully and at length — it is worth your time. But I enjoyed this:

“Most people don’t want to hear you talking all day anyway. People want the art you offer. Somehow now I look back, and I think about the things that I used to care about, the things that used to ruin my day, and I can’t believe I let those miscellaneous things stop me from focusing. For sure that’s progress, right?”

[Credits: Writer: Rob Haskell; Photographer: Norman Jean Roy; Fashion Editor: Max Ortega; Hair: Lacy Redway and Dionte Gray; Makeup: Raoúl Alejandre]