Well, well, well! This is a surprise — did anyone call this in our annual end-of-year Vogue predict-a-cover? (A quick zip through the comments makes it seem like no.) I forgot, or didn’t know, that Winslet produced a film about Lee Miller, the, as Vogue puts it “Vogue model turned photographer turned war correspondent who documented the horrors of the concentration camps in the Second World War and was famously photographed in Hitler’s bathtub.” It sounds, from the profile (which is quite interesting) like it has potential to be quite a good film; the piece also reminded me that Miller was muse to a variety of Surrealist artists, hence (I assume) the off-kilter vibe of the cover — which, for the record, I (a) like, and (b) perhaps more importantly, find, finally, to be interesting. I recommend reading the piece but must warn you that Vogue does rerun several of Miller’s famous photos of  liberation of Buchenwald, and they are quite harrowing. It is astonishing to me that the magazine had the guts to publish Miller’s reportage; I cannot imagine they would ever do that kind of work now.

Vogue Credits: Writer: Wendell Steavenson; Photographer: Annie Leibovitz; Fashion Editor: Tabitha Simmons; Hair: Ivana Primorac; Makeup: Lisa Eldridge