BEHOLD! Your 2009 Fug Madness Champion, Aubrey O’Day. That’s right: we totally talked to her.

Also on our Fashion Week Chit-Chat Docket: Salman Rushdie. YES. THAT Salman Rushdie. Talk about celebrity whiplash, with those two.

Another unexpected — and unexpectedly mysterious — celebrity sighting (and DISAPPEARANCE): Arianna Huffington. (And Patricia Clarkson. And Silver Fox John Slattery.)

So, in retrospect, yesterday was weird:  we also saw Sofia Coppola (with Fergie and Hudgens — well, not WITH them. Near them) at Anna Sui.

And, in the most dramatic event of the day, we had A Moment With Irina Lazareanu, in which we learned that she is really awesome.