Please to note: I wrote this entry last night at like 3am. AHEM:

It’s a tale as old as time — although not mentioned specifically in Beauty and the Beast:

When you are living though a time of an unprecedented upswing in celebrity pregnancies, and you are a celebrity who may or may not need a wee extra bit of attention — after all, how long has it been since you knew or cared this much about what’s happening to Selma Blair? — it is very possibly in your best interest to either decide to get knocked up yourself, or to at least FLOAT THE NOTION VISUALLY.

Is it possible she’s been hitting the sandwiches and/or sick of sucking it in? Hell yes. If I were a celeb, people would think I was knocked up ALL THE TIME. Is it all possible that if she does get pregnant any time between now and three years from now, I will squeal, “CALLED IT” obnoxiously via various forms of social media? Totally. Is it also possible that she IS pregnant? Well, as they say, ANYTHING is possible.