At last we can bring these to you, including the garment that had the Internet asking, “Is that secretly a romper?” (I do not think it is.)

To reiterate what Jess said about the Christian Siriano slideshow yesterday: Given the sheer volume of content we’re putting up right now, and how long it takes to write captions for every single one of these, we’ve decided to pipe up only when we can picture a celeb in a certain outfit (and that will likely be the method going forward). Besides which, a lot people with fashion shows just want to zip through them without our yapping ANYWAY and then talk it out in the comments. As a reminder, you can nav the slideshow with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard, and up and down will bring in/remove the caption, if that is your jam. If your mouse is off to the side, “scroll up for caption” won’t cover their feet. Woohoo.