Shall we look at some gowns? As ever, Christian’s commitment to diversity of all sorts is in ample, refreshing supply. He also sent a model down the runway in a hoodie that read “We All Grow in the Same Garden,” which Refinery29 reports will soon be on sale to support the ACLU. (You’ll see it.)

As a programming note, we have a TON to get through from this weekend — the Creative Arts Emmys, TIFF, and the rest of Fashion Week — and in the interest of Bringing You Maximum Content, I’ve zipped through this slideshow and made a smattering of comments (mostly matching celebs to gowns), but if there’s no copy on a slide here or there, it’s just because I wanted you to see the entire show but didn’t necessarily have a Piercing Witticism for each look. In other words: for once the system didn’t eat all my words. Having said that, I’m very excited to hear what you think about this collection.

[Photos: Dan Lecca]