Keira wore this yesterday, for the annual BGC charity event wherein celebrities answer phones on the trading floor to raise money. (I always have logistical questions about this event, like, what if you just really need to sell all your shares of Chandler Enterprises stock in order to thwart your former lover who is about to initiate a hostile takeover? Like, are you all, “hey, Keira, yeah, I miss you in the movies and whatever, that green dress you wore in Atonement haunts my dreams, blah blah blah I truly think there’s room in everyone’s hearts for more than one iteration of Pride and Prejudice, really support what you’re doing here, but listen I gotta unload a lot of my holdings and I gotta do it now. Can you handle that?”) It is Gucci and it tries to marry a groovy 70s humanities teacher vibe with a bit of buttoned-up librarian feelings — and I guess it’s true that your buttoned-up librarian of one era might have unfurled into a groovy humanities teacher in another, so this dress emotionally tracks.  But that doesn’t change my mind that it would have tracked better with her hair up.

[Photo: Getty]