There is a Dior here, too, from the photocall, and it’s true that Natalie doesn’t exclusively wear Dior even if she is very closely associated with it. She does lean heavily in that direction, though, which is why it feels noteworthy that — for the first screening of a major (potential) awards movie for her — she’s using the stage to dip a toe into some glitzy Gucci waters. (Also, reading into these things is satisfying and fun, because I love drama. AND reading. So.) The movie is Vox Lux, in which she’s playing, per Variety, “a kamikaze electropop diva running her Faustian fame off and under the rails.” So it makes sense that she’d go for something a little flashier here. The role was originally meant for Rooney Mara, and she may yet regret that it slipped through her fingers because Natalie is getting super reviews.

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