Venice has been a treat with Naomi. She’s serving up a gelateria’s worth of variety, beginning with the Post-It dress that I actually liked, and then the pink Prada, and the riotous daytime Valentino. And check out this Emilia Wickstead jumpsuit:

That is Downtairs Power Room wallpaper and it would probably look REALLY GOOD in there.

That Rochas outfit is also super; her casualwear has been so enviably cool. I NEVER look like that in hats.

I also never look like this in drapey necklines:

I might pass on these white boots…

… but I like the flowers. I also need to know how many different pairs of sunglasses she packed for this trip, and whether she has a whole binder pairing up all her accessories so that her stylist doesn’t text her and say, “NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING THOSE WERE FOR TUESDAY!!!”

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock, WENN]