Well, I am into this. Yes it looks a bit like it was pieced together on her body one night when they all drank too much bourbon, broke into Candy Spelling’s wrapping room, and cashed out her pink ribbon supply. But somehow it ALSO looks amazing on her and it’s a gorgeous color. Naomi wears a lot of white and metallics, so it’s super to see her taking that kind of a bright chance.

Although, what EXACT color is it? I believe the above is the more reliable lighting, but in some pics it has a more muted, dusty pink appearance:

Film Festival 2018 Opening Ceremony Red Carpet, Venice, Italy - 29 Aug 2018

Yeah, I’m going with this as the outlier, but it’s still pretty. I just want her to have a chunky piece of bling on her wrist, or her old reliable Bulgari snake around her neck, but in all this is a gorgeous kick-off for her. Unlike this weekend, when Notre Dame starts the season against Michigan, I am not screaming in agony.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]