Emma is in Venice for The Favourite, a movie about Queen Anne starring Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz (and, per IMDb and for reasons I am curious to learn someday, a character named Wanking Man). True to her recent contractually obligated form, Emma is clad in Vuitton, in a Resort look that was shown with a blazer over it in contrasting patterns. It has a cool vibe to it that suits her, although I think the stripes are better than the flowers and I wouldn’t have been mad if she’d just streamlined it to that. But what the blazer did do was cover up the shorts. Which are a complete pity.

75th International Venice Film Festival

Oh, Em. You can try to woo us with gold shoes all you want, but we know a hastily improvised cloth diaper when we see one.

[Photos: WENN]