Naomi Osaka has been wearing masks emblazoned with the names of different slain Black Americans during her U.S. Open run, while noting to the on-air reporter that she’s gutted that the seven she has — one for each round she’ll hopefully make — are not nearly enough for all the names out there. From People:

“I would like everyone to know that it was completely avoidable — this did not have to happen,” Osaka told reporters of [Ahmaud] Arbery’s death following the match. “None of these deaths had to happen. I just want everyone to know the names.”

[S]he said wearing the masks was a way to use her platform to spread knowledge of police brutality and racism not just in the U.S., but across the world.

“I think tennis, people watch it all around the world and things that we think are common names are probably not common overseas,” the 2018 U.S. Open champion said. “For me I just want people to have more knowledge. I feel like the platform that I have right now is something that I used to take for granted and I just feel like I should be using it for something.”

In the slideshow: the masks we have pictures of, plus other outfits worn on the court, which include a lot of shorts on the women this year.

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