I will admit it, when I saw this, I was not at all sure if where this was going was a happy place.

It’s kind of like the drive to Vegas, where you go through miles and miles of pretty barren and unattractive countryside, and you start to have second thoughts about whether you should’ve bothered to drive because it’s so miserably dull. And then suddenly you pass the giant thermometer in Baker, and the casino and roller-coasters at state line in Primm, and you cheer up, and at last there is Vegas and you exhale and say, as GFY J.Lo would, “HOLA LOVER.”

What I love about Hailee Steinfeld is that she is, by and large, completely unpredictable. You wouldn’t expect a fourteen-year old to wear a Louis Vuitton suit to the MTV Movie Awards, but you REALLY wouldn’t expect her to pull it off with such total self-assurance, a fantastic purse, and the perfect bold red lip. The thing is, I’m sure she works with a stylist — these days they’d all be crazy not to, although if she DOESN’T, then she is even more my hero — but it’s my firm belief that some of the blame or credit goes to the celeb for knowing when to say yes and when to say no. A suit is a big risk, but it paid off, and now I really, really need to go get a manicure. Also, Taylor Momsen needs some serious Steinfeld Immersion Therapy. Somebody may want to make a few calls.