Judy Swartz is Melissa’s stylist, and she’s been engineering a lot of custom stuff for her recently.

It’s clearly a very fruitful partnership. She looks utterly gorgeous in this — I wish they would mass-market it; maybe they will eventually — and the lipstick is a win. I wince when I get to her feet, because those ankle straps look like they are slicing into her and I feel like all the blood is being blocked from flowing back up into her calves. I also want to repaint her nails red. But these are nits. Remember when she was nominated for an Oscar, and wore this, and I was deeply pained? It’s a DELIGHT to be at the nitpicking phase.

But click that link with care. It quotes an old ad that I think drove most of us insane, and y’all are going to get SUCH an earworm when you read it. MWA HA HA.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]