This is at the premiere of the second season of Enola Holmes, which my sources tell me is quite charming and enjoyable, and indeed, said ensemble is itself charming and enjoyable. I pulled the top pic because she and Son of Bon Jovi seem VERY smitten with each other and it’s sweet, but I assume you want to take a gander at the entire shebang:

'Enola Holmes 2' film premiere, New York, USA - 27 Oct 2022

She’s still super young — she’s only 18 — and to me, this seems just right for a freshman in college. It’s nice to see her dressing exactly in the wheelhouse of her age. And while I saw some complaints online that this feels too early aughts…friends, I have bad news for you. (I do think I would have just done a clean, high ponytail rather than the beehive, but life is too short to never do the beehive.)

[Photos: Adela Loconte/Shutterstock, AFF-USA/Shutterstock]