Hard to imagine it now, but the Summer of Taylor Swift Endlessly Leaving The Gym and Other Buildings was way back in 2014, although she picked it up again in 2015. Also therefore noteworthy is that her hiatus from doing this — basically two years — has been a lot longer than I remembered. And yet, hark, here comes Swifty exiting her same apartment building. It’s not like the paparazzi doesn’t know where she lives, so the fact that she hasn’t been caught coming and going very much suggests that it is indeed possible to avoid that kind of exposure, and — we’ve noted this before — Taylor Swift is really, really good at keeping hidden if that’s what she wants. So does this mean she no longer wants that? Is she dipping a heavily booted toe back in shark-infested fame waters? Or was she just out of vitamins at the wrong time? The romper looks about as good on her as is possible, if also providing a very cold and aggravating bathroom experience. But I fully admit to wishing we’d gotten a bit of vixen/viper Taylor in this post-Reputation incarnation. Maybe the boots are the first step?

Or maybe she’ll disappear as quickly as she arrived. We’ll see.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]