It should not be a surprise that Michelle Pfeiffer looks rich and gorgeous on this cover; Michelle Pfeiffer IS rich and gorgeous and T&C (which, as you know, I adore) is the leading expert at making their cover folk look rich and gorgeous. It’s soothing.

She looks VERY glamorous in the editorial shoot as well.  I could watch Michelle Pfeiffer slink around in expensive suits and lean against walls for hours, frankly. The accompanying interview is very professional and thus quite relaxing to read; Pfeiffs is a master at never giving too much away about herself while still coming across as thoughtful and open, although I did learn that the movie she’s promoting, French Exit, sounds somewhat wacky, and also that she has a line of non-toxic perfume and beauty products. (I actually love their packaging and now I might buy some?) So it was educational. Most folks have been pulling a quote about how she never watches her movies back more than once, but this was my favorite bit from the interview:

“There’s a line in The Age of Innocence—I’m not sure if it’s actually in the novel or just in the movie—that says, ‘Americans want to get away from amusement even more quickly than they want to get to it,’” says Pfeiffer, who starred in Martin Scorsese’s 1993 adaptation of the Edith Wharton classic. “I’ve been doing that my entire life.”

Take, for example, Pfeiffer’s own 40th birthday. “Somebody threw a party for me, and it was just the worst evening,” she says. “I have an eclectic group of friends, and they don’t necessarily gel, so I felt responsible—Why aren’t they talking? Are they not having a good time? I felt responsible, and I think that was the last party I ever had.”

This feels very relatable. (Also, if you haven’t watched The Age of Innocence recently and you’re interested in having a complete emotional breakdown about the agony of being alive, I wholly recommend it. Woo boy, that movie hits differently at 45 than it did at 18! It’s exquisite AND I wanted to throw myself into an active volcano afterward, emotionally-speaking. Put that take on the side of a bus!)

[Photographer: Shaniqwa Jarvis. Styled by: Samantha McMillen. That’s an affiliate link to the perfumes.]